Electronic Home Monitoring

Electronic Home Monitoring


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Offender Monitoring Solutions has been active in the Alcohol Monitoring and GPS monitoring sector of probation/parole long enough to know that quality equipment helps all parties concerned when monitoring is part of  the court’s condition of release or sentencing.   Offender Monitoring Solutions offers top of the line – newest technology equipment such as the AMS SCRAM Bracelet, SCRAMx, STOP Blu+ EHM GPS Hybrid monitor.  OMS is a 24/7 service company.  We even work holidays.  It is our sincere desire to help you with all of your electronic home monitoring needs.  OMS has the most competitive  overall pricing for electronic monitoring devices in Idaho, Oregon and Washington and some of the most competitive rates for 1 piece Electronic Home MonitoringAlcohol Monitoring, Active and Passive GPS Monitoring, EHM, House Arrest and Home Detention equipment.

SCRAM Bracelet Alcohol Monitoring

SCRAM BRACELET - SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring

We have the monitoring device you need, whether it be Alcohol,  EHM / EHC – Active – Passive or RF Monitoring Devices we have them all.  Our ability to meet your electronic home monitoring or alcohol monitoring needs whether or not you have a home phone line  is not hindered.  We offer Cellular based alcohol monitoring as well as GPS and cell based RF home monitoring Units.  For alcohol monitoring we offer both land line and cell based alcohol monitoring equipment utilizing the AMS SCRAM Bracelet and SCRAMx Alcohol/EHM Bracelet.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to schedule an appointment please call us 253-203-6103 or fill out the form and have an agent contact you.

Electronic Home Monitoring
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